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Frequently Asked Questions

Will single sign on work with Rutgers Central Authentication Service (CAS)?

Single Sign On WILL NOT WORK. Powered by Rutgers Central Authentication Service (CAS)

Who is Nelnet?

Who is Nelnet? Yes, we’re a student loan servicing company – but we’re much more than that. We’re a service company specializing in consumer finance, telecommunications, and K-12 and higher education.

How do I get to know Nelnet?

Welcome FedLoan Servicing borrowers! Get to know Nelnet as your new servicer by registering for an online account, watching our website tour video below, and visiting our info page for transfer borrowers. We're here to process your loan payments and help you find lower monthly payment options if you need them.

What can I do with the Nelnet mobile app?

Explore different repayment plans and eligibility requirements. Managing your loans is fast, easy, and seamless when you download the Nelnet mobile app In addition to making payments and viewing a detailed summary of your account, some other notable features include: Who is Nelnet?

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