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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nelnet federal or private?

Nelnet makes securing a private loan much easier, and a lot more affordable. As a lending organization that concentrates only on educational loans, Nelnet is devoted to helping students secure the perfect college loan with the most attractive rates and terms.

Is Nelnet being sued?

Nelnet, others sued over misuse of subsidy. A former Department of Education researcher who brought to light the loophole that allowed student loan companies, including Lincoln's Nelnet, to reap hundreds of millions in profits at taxpayers' expense, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against those same companies.

Is Nelnet a student loan servicer?

Nelnet is Your Student Loan Servicer. It is possible that Nelnet owns your loan, but we also provide customer service for other lenders' loans, including those from the Department. Nelnet provides customer service on your account if:

How to make a payment on Nelnet?

There are several different ways to make payments on your student loans using Nelnet: Sign up for Auto Debit and have your monthly payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Pay via the Nelnet mobile app. Pay through the Nelnet website. Send your payments in the mail, include your account number and the letter attached to it. Make a payment over the phone by calling 1-888-486-4722.

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