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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do web designers make an hour?

Web designers make between $31 to $42 per hour, with the average being $36 per hour, according to The caveat is that this number includes all web designers, including those who work in-house at agencies. Freelancers make higher hourly rates because they have more overhead expenses. Freelance web designers charge based on skill level.

Do web designers charge different rates for new clients?

Some web designers will charge a new client less to land the project, though this might set a bad precedent. Clients love paying web designers flat rates because they know exactly how much they’ll pay upfront.

How many freelance JavaScript developers are there on Codementor?

This data is based on the hourly rates of over 20,000 vetted freelance developers on the Codementor platform. What do senior JavaScript developers typically charge in North America compared to ones in Eastern Europe? We made our tool to help you answer questions like this.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Here’s a basic web design price list: 1 Setup: $160 2 Design and building: $5,000 3 Content creation: $500 4 Client training: $600 5 Maintenance: 500 6 Total: $6,760 More ...

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