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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of hourly?

1. of, pertaining to, occurring, or done each successive hour: hourly news reports. 2. using an hour as a basic unit of reckoning: hourly wages. 3. hired to work for wages by the hour: hourly workers. 4. frequent; continual. adv. 5. at or during every hour; once an hour. 6. frequently; continually.

How do you calculate hourly pay rate?

To calculate the hourly rate for a salaried employee, divide the yearly salary by 52. For example, divide an annual salary of $37,440 by 52, which equals a weekly pay amount of $720.

How to calculating hourly average?

Calculate how many hours you work at your job every week. Divide your annual pay by 52 . Now you have both hours and wages for 1 week. Divide wages by hours and that is your hourly rate. If you work longer hours at certain times of the month, then track your time for a month, and divide your annual pay by 12.

What is the definition of hourly pay?

Hourly Worker Definition. An hourly employee is paid for the number of hours they work per week up to 40 hours at a determined rate. Per federal law, hourly workers are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked over 40 hours per workweek.

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