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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an obsession or being in-love?

The key difference between love and obsession is that love is a healthy emotion that is conducive to a relationship whereas obsession is an unhealthy emotion that can ruin a relationship. Love is a feeling of strong and constant affection for a person. Obsession or obsessive love is a negative emotion that may lead to extreme violent behaviours.

Can an obsession turn into love?

When considering obsessive love disorder, personality disorders can cause switches between extreme love for a person to extreme disdain. Based on delusions (events or facts you believe to be true), this disorder is exhibited by an insistence on things that are already proven false.

Can obsession be a good thing?

Obsession. Being obsessed can be a good thing until it becomes just too much. When you’re obsessed with something, you can focus on it fully — a good thing. When you’re obsessed with something, the creativity that makes your projects thrive is all there. You have more faculties geared towards it because you’re giving it your all.

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