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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the abbreviation “vs” mean?

The abbreviation “vs.” is often used with a period at the end. This practice is more commonly done in the USA, where all abbreviations are typically finished with a period. There is no difference in meaning between the abbreviation with the period and the one without.

What is the difference between VS and vs?

The abbreviation “vs” or “vs.” is most commonly used when discussing sports or competitions of some kind. In contrast, the abbreviation “v” or “v.” are used more in legal documentation to refer to the two parties contesting a legal case. Vs.

What is the meaning of vs in Hinduism?

VS, V.S. or V/s, Varðskip, prefix of a vessel of the Icelandic Coast Guard; Vajasaneyi-Samhita, the text of the White Yajurveda, in Hinduism; Very Special, a classification of Cognac (drink), where the youngest brandy is at least 2 years old; Vikram Samvat, a Hindu calendar "Vinegar syndrome", a term for the degradation of cellulose acetate film

What does V/s stand for?

Definition; V/S: Vertical Speed/Vertical: V/S: Vulcan/Stinger: V/S: Visceral/Subcutaneous (fat ratio) V/S: Velocity/Substrate Concentration (parasitology)

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