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Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone is Maracaibo?

The IANA time zone identifier for Maracaibo is America/Caracas. The current local time in Maracaibo is 45 minutes ahead of apparent solar time. Latitude: 10.63.

How did Maracaibo affect Venezuela?

Although Maracaibo changed hands several times during Venezuela’s struggle for independence from Spain—patriots won a decisive naval battle on Lake Maracaibo on July 24, 1823—the area was generally less involved in the wars than were eastern and central Venezuela. Where on Earth is That?

Where is Maracaibo located?

Maracaibo. Maracaibo, city, capital of Zulia estado (state), northwestern Venezuela. Maracaibo is the country’s second largest city and one of its largest seaports. Located on the western shore of the channel connecting Lake Maracaibo with the Gulf of Venezuela, it is in a basin surrounded by higher land that excludes...

What to do in Maracaibo?

Tranvia de Maracaibo 12. Castillo de San Carlos de la Barra 13. Teatro Baralt 14. Palacio de Eventos 15. Casa de la Capitulacion 16. Museo de Arte contemporaneo Maczul 17. Zoologico Metropolitano de El Zulia 18. Sambil Maracaibo 19. Museo Historico Rafael Urdaneta 20. Iglesia de Santa Barbara 21. Iglesia San Tarcisio 22. Paseo del Lago 3 23.

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