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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kannada derived from Tamil?

Well technically Kannada is not older than Tamil, it originated a lot of years after Tamil. To be exact Kannada is actually a sister language of Tamil, which got born as a result of mixture between Tamil and sanskrit 2.2K views

What is the meaning of Kannada swear word 'Dharveshi'?

The word darveshi means a Soophy (a sect in Islam) saint who has renounced everything and does not own anything. lives a poor ascetic life by spreading love. In kannada it has become a slang word. Now it means a person who has no relations and no property.

What is the history of Kannada language?

The origin of Kannada language, also known as kannarese, can be traced to the early Christian era. Kannada is one of the most well known Dravidian languages of India. It is as old as Tamil, the truest language of the Dravidian family.

What is the meaning of Kannada?

There is no meaning for the word ‘Kannada’, except for the word Kannada is the ‘name’ of the language, It was derived to its present form from the word “Halegannada” which is Hale + Kannada = Halegannada. Here Hale means “Old”. Kannada again refers to the name of the language spoken during the pre-Kadamba period. Edit:

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