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Frequently Asked Questions

What are technology readiness levels used to measure?

Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are different points on a scale used to measure the progress or maturity level of a technology . The scale ranges from 1 to 9, where TRL 1 is the lowest and TRL 9 is the highest.

What are the qualifications for NASA?

Here are the basic qualifications every NASA astronaut must have [source: USAJOBS]: U.S. citizenship. Bachelor's degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences or mathematics from an accredited college or university.

What technology does NASA use?

NASA spinoff technologies are commercial products and services which have been developed with the help of NASA, through research and development contracts, such as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or STTR awards, licensing of NASA patents, use of NASA facilities, technical assistance from NASA personnel, or data from NASA research.

What are Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)?

Technology readiness levels (TRL) are a method of estimating technology maturity of Critical Technology Elements (CTE) of a program during the acquisition process.

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