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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of technology addiction?

Attractiveness of Technology. Teens are particularly susceptible to technology addiction for several reasons. First, teens tend to have poor coping mechanisms. In the face of stress, they often turn to what’s comforting to them, usually something easy to focus on, including online videos or social media sites.

How should 'technology addiction' be treated?

Thus, treatment for technology addiction involves educating teens and young adults about what is happening in their brains and bodies, recognizing the consequences of their compulsion, helping them to set limits and interrupt the compulsive cycle, and find alternatives.

How we can become addicted to technology?

The compulsive checking and responding that we all do, which makes it appear that we can become addicted to technology, includes things like: Gaming (e.g., Clash of that require you to check as they continue even when you aren't playing)

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