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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you addicted to technology?

In truth, technology addiction, like other forms of addiction, knows no boundaries. People from all walks of life can become addicted to being on their technological equipment. The same holds true for school-age children as well as their senior citizen counterparts.

What are Internet addictive behaviors in Minnesota?

Internet addictive behaviors in Minnesota might include excessive, overwhelming, or inappropriate pornography use, gaming, online social networking, blogging, email, or internet shopping.

What is the treatment for technology addiction?

Thus, treatment for technology addiction involves educating teens and young adults about what is happening in their brains and bodies, recognizing the consequences of their compulsion, helping them to set limits and interrupt the compulsive cycle, and find alternatives.

What are the signs of technology addiction?

Some addicts will spend very little time sleeping, allowing them to be on their computers and mobile devices more frequently. Technology addiction may increase episodes of headaches, including migraines. Staring at a computer screen or mobile device screen for long periods of time causes eye fatigue, which is a cause of headaches.

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