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Frequently Asked Questions

How many police officers are there in Tampa Florida?

The Tampa Police Department has over 1,000 authorized sworn law enforcement personnel positions and more than 350 civilian and support staff personnel positions. The current chief of police is Brian Dugan.

How do I contact the Tampa Police Department?

Non-Emergencies: (813) 231-6130. You may also send a message online (not monitored 24/7) Tampa Police Department Headquarters. One Police Center. 411 N. Franklin Street. Tampa, Florida 33602. Main Phone: (813) 276-3200. Hillsborough County Sheriff - Prisoner / Booking / Jail. (813) 247-8300.

What are the ranks of police officers in the US?

Rank Chief of Police: Deputy Chief of Police: Major: Captain: Lieutenant: Sergeant: Detective: Corporal: Police Officer: Insignia No insignia: Description Chief of Service. Responsible for the entirety of the Police Service. Deputy Chief of Service. Charged with assisting the Chief of Police in running the entirety of the Police Service.

When did Tampa split into 3 police districts?

The decentralization of the Tampa Police Department reached its culmination in the year 2000 with the relocation of the communications section to its new state-of-the-art facility in East Tampa. In February 2004 The department conducted a full re-deployment and divided the city into three districts.

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