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Frequently Asked Questions

How to study in Italy?

5 STEPS TO STUDY IN ITALY APPLY FOR YOUR GRANT FAQ PROCEDURES USEFUL INFORMATION STORIES WHY STUDY in ITALY? Excellence in Research, Science and Creativity Outstanding educational system based on solid notions, scientific method and creative approach

Why should I join the 24/7 zoom study rooms?

Join our 24/7 Zoom study rooms and learn alongside +200.000 other students. Add a motivation booster to your studies! Join our 24/7 Zoom study rooms and learn alongside +200.000 other students. ... to stay accountable and regain your motivation. Join more than 200.000 other students who already study together within our community.

Is the study together server free?

Yes – the Study Together server on Discord is free for you to use. We rely on our active community and want to ensure students have a secure and motivating study space, regardless of their financial situation. Who is Study Together for?

Why study with studystream?

Choose from one of many focus rooms including those for pre-university students, university students, and professionals. Join and study with the StudyStream community today and get one step closer to achieving your goals: get better grades, study abroad, work abroad, and land a dream job. We ❤️ our StudyStreamers...

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