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Frequently Asked Questions

Is streamyard free to use?

– StreamYard Help Center Is StreamYard free? StreamYard has both free and paid versions of the product. Our free plan includes 20 hours of live streaming per month with StreamYard's logo. You can share your screen, invite guests, and show comments on screen.

How do I use streamstreamyard for live interviews?

StreamYard is the perfect tool for live interviews. Drag and drop the pieces from the download section into the ManyCam file in the app; this will make the effects immediately accessible.

Is streamyard good for senior citizens?

I'm a senior citizen and have used this a few times and it is much easier than other platforms. Download HD video and audio, including a separate audio track for each guest. You can even record without going live. StreamYard is easy to use and so helpful! It has helped to save our business.

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