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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a sewing room?

To set up a sewing room, start by getting a desk or table so you have a surface to sew on. Then, get some storage bins or a chest with drawers so you have somewhere to keep all of your sewing supplies. For even more storage, include bookcases or wall-mounted shelves.

How do you organize a sewing room?

Organized Sewing Space Create a sewing corner anywhere in your house with a work surface and storage. For a colorful inspiration board, glue a fabric remnant to a magnetic chalkboard. Slide a woven basket under a desk to hold fabric scraps, and place a small wire shelving unit in the corner to stash larger pieces.

How to organize a sewing room?

A simple storage idea on how to organize fabric in a sewing room is to arrange the pieces by size. Separate fabrics into larger pieces, medium pieces, and smaller scrap pieces. Once sorted, you’ll find that fabrics can be stored in many ways, depending on your preference.

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