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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is roomroom&board?

Room & Board is a modern furniture and home decor retailer, creating exclusive contemporary designs for modern living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

What do you need to know about a sewing room?

Plenty of natural light, a sitting area, and a rack to display your latest creations—like in this space by Leanne Ford—will make your sewing area feel like a bona fide showroom. A small closet will come in handy, too, if you ever have models or customers come in for fittings.

How to organize a pegboard sewing room?

A simple treatment would be to paint your pegboard the same color as your wall so that it blends in. Or go bold and paint it a few bright colors. Use some wood trim to create a picture frame effect around the outside of it. Or you could hang some micro string lights around it and give it a whimsical touch. 3. Sewing Room Organization Ideas

How to decorate your sewing room for a change?

It’s all so dainty and dreamy! Having the space to receive a friend or customer in your sewing room is a great idea. Place a nice couch in your room so they can stay comfortable while they wait to be fitted. You can try this unique sewing room arrangement for a change.

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