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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a pajama pattern to my sewing pattern?

Check out these adorable pajama patterns and make bedtime a time to show off! You must be logged in to add a private note. Login | Register ONLY YOU see your private notes. We are adding the pattern to your Sewing Patterns. The pattern was added to your Sewing Patterns. Click here to view your Sewing Patterns.

How many free Pajama patterns are there?

This collection of 31 Free Pajama Sewing Patterns has so many designs that you're going to love. With so many different free PJ patterns for you to try, it will be difficult to stop. From tops to bottoms to nightgowns, you'll be able to find the perfect pajamas for you or for your family.

How do you make pajama pants for men's sizes?

You'll use a pair of PJ pants you already have to create a pattern just your size. Here's a pajama pants pattern available in a PDF that fits sizes XXS through XXL. Just measure your waist and hips and choose which size you need from the pattern chart. The waist is both made from elastic and a knit fabric to make it extra comfy.

Where can I find free sewing patterns?

** One Free Sewing Pattern. Every Thursday. Join the Email List ** Most of the patterns in today’s post require woven fabrics like cotton and flannel, stretch fabrics, or fluffy fleece for the dressing gowns. (USA) and Minerva Crafts (UK) have some of the biggest fabric ranges on the web!

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