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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a release of Lien?

A lien release is a document that cancels an existing mechanics lien. When a lien release is in consideration, it means that a mechanics lien has already been filed and it has been effective in prompting payment from a property. Once a lien release has been filed, a property's records are updated to show that a mechanics lien has been satisfied.

What does release of information mean?

An information release is a statement executed by an applicant for employment to authorize a person to provide information about the applicant.

What is release of Lien construction?

A construction lien release is a document in which a contractor or subcontractor who performed work on a property indicates that he or she has been paid in full for work performed or materials supplied. It releases the interest the contractor has in the owner's property and restores a clear title to the property owner.

What are conditions of release?

Condition of release. A condition of release is a term that means a member can take his super out of the super system after satisfying a condition, such as retiring, or becoming permanently disabled. Set out below are all SuperGuide articles referring to Condition of release.

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