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Frequently Asked Questions

What does reef technology do?

© REEF Technology Inc. All rights reserved. With an ecosystem of 5,000+ locations and a team of over 18,000 people, REEF transforms open spaces into multi-purpose places that create jobs and bring new goods, services and experiences to your neighborhood. In a nutshell: we’re connecting the world to your block.

How many employees does Reef have?

With an ecosystem of 4,500 locations and a team of nearly 15,000 people, REEF is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States, Canada, and has a growing presence in Europe.

How many locations doesreef operate?

REEF already operates more than 100 neighborhood kitchens across more than 20 markets in North America, and that number will only grow as the company expands its regional footprint.

Is reef a WeWork for the neighborhood?

In all, REEF, which could reasonably be described as a WeWork for the neighborhood store, has $1 billion in capital coming to build out what it calls a proximity-as-a-service platform.

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