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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly out of Redding Municipal Airport?

The airlines flying out of Redding Municipal (RDD) include: Alaska Airlines, United. What is the most popular airline that flies out of Airport (RDD)? is the most popular airline operating out of airport (RDD). How many flights per day fly out of RDD?

Why fly into Redding airport (RDD)?

Redding Airport (RDD) offers a convenient connection to Redding and the surrounding area. This full-service airport offers rental car access, on-site parking, and local transportation services within easy walking distance of your gate. Travelers and area residents coming into Northern California will save time and gas by not trekking to Sacramento.

How far is Redding CA from the airport?

Redding, CA Airport (RDD-Redding Municipal) is 7 miles (11 km) from central Redding, so you’ll have a reasonable commute into the heart of the city. How many airlines fly to Redding? How many airlines fly to Redding? There are 13 airlines that fly into Redding from 38 worldwide airports. Which airlines fly to Redding? Which airlines fly to Redding?

Who owns and maintains Redding Municipal Airport?

The City of Redding Airports Division operates and maintains the Redding Municipal Airport and Benton Airpark. Redding Municipal Airport is a full service airport which provides commercial airline passenger service, aviation related services and aircraft hangar facilities.

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