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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nelnet and how does it work?

Usually, when students take loans, they get assigned to a loan servicer, and Nelnet is one of the federal loan servicers. It helps borrowers effectively repay their debt and maintain communication between the Education Department and the borrower.

What happened to Nelnet student loans?

Nelnet is one of the major student loan servicers. Although its contract with the Department of Education was not extended, it will still serve for some time till the transition process ends. This huge loan servicing organization faced some claims against its operations during its contractual period.

How to apply for Nelnet Loan discharge?

Application Process As mentioned, Nelnet is the loan servicer dealing with this discharge program. Hence, borrowers are required to collect all documents, fill the application form, and submit it to Nelnet. In turn, Nelnet will assist the Education Department to review the process and communicate with the applicants on behalf of them.

How does the Nelnet Loan repayment process work?

As a loan servicer, Nelnet ensures a smooth repayment process. Borrowers use Nelnet’s online platform, application, or call center to make payments for their loans.

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