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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NAEP?

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America’s students know and can do in various subjects.

How long does it take to get test results from NAEP?

The No Child Left Behind Act mandates reporting of State NAEP Mathematics and Reading Results within six months of the last day of the assessment period. Results for the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) assessments in subjects other than mathematics and reading are usually available within one year of the assessment.

What grade level is nanaep?

NAEP conducts state and large-district assessments in grades four and eight and national assessments in grades four, eight, and twelve. Results are based on a representative sample of students, and individual student or school results are not provided.

What grades are required to take the NAEP?

These laws require that states and districts receiving Title 1 federal funding participate in NAEP reading and mathematics assessments in grades four and eight. Assessments in other subjects, and in grade twelve, are optional.

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