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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightworks and how does it work?

Lightworks let newbies working at home produce quality content that is sure to captivate their audience. Created by the powerhouse, Editshare, Lightworks is the go-to pro video editor used by professionals ranging from up-and-coming directors to award-winning filmmakers.

What is 4K video editing software?

4K video editing software has been broadly used in movies, TV, and video making. These tools enable video editors to easily trim, cut, place, sort, arrange, and perfect videos. This ensures that the unwanted parts of a video are removed while the essential scenes are featured.

Can I put a video in Lightworks V2?

Were you to put a video on V2, its audio would automatically go to A3 and A4. Not so with Lightworks: put a video in V2, its audio goes to A1 and A2, thereby potentially overwriting any audio already there that belongs to a clip on V1.

How long has Lightworks been used?

For 30 years, Lightworks has helped every type of video editor and creator imaginable; from Oscar-winning Hollywood legends to YouTubers. Start your edit and bring your video to life today. Video problems? The Media QC platform that takes all the effort out of ensuring video files meet international delivery standards... and look awesome!

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