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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reset my Lightspeed customer portal password?

A: Enter your Lightspeed Product Administrator email and we will send a code to that email to reset your password. Q: What if I see your account has insufficient privileges to access the Lightspeed Systems Customer Portal? A: You must be a Lightspeed Product Administrator to access this system.

How do I deploy the Lightspeed mangement agent to my devices?

Deploy the Lightspeed Mangement Agent (LMA) to Windows devices and/or Mac User Agent to macOS devices. In the Rocket appliance, enable the Allow All policy assignment for all users and groups running devices with Smart Agents installed. Disable web authentication on your Rocket appliance.

What sets Lightspeed Systems ® apart?

What sets Lightspeed Systems ® Apart? Ensure consistent, responsible use by managing every device in your district from a central set of dashboards. Lightspeed MDM™ can issue, track, manage, and monitor every device and remotely deploy apps and install updates even after the device is issued.

What is included in the Lightspeed Parent Portal?

Lightspeed Parent Portal includes Weekly Parent Report emails to improve communication between the school and the students’ home. Lightspeed Filter customers can invite parents to view their child’s internet activity, straight to their inbox.

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