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Frequently Asked Questions

How to summon a lightning bolt in Minecraft?

Players can summon a lightning bolt at their coordinates by typing "/summon Minecraft:lightning_bolt ~ ~ ~" in the chat window. In the above command, players can replace "~ ~ ~" with X Y and Z coordinates to make the lightning hit a specific block or entity standing on those coordinates.

What commands are there in Minecraft?

Commands in Minecraft are special typed instructions that can be given to change the settings or make things happen. Within the game client, press T to bring up the chat window, and type in the desired command, then press .

What is the command list for Minecraft?

The /list command is a server command that is only used if you are running a Minecraft server. This command will list all of the players that are currently connected to the server and the maximum number of players allowed on the server at a time.

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