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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2012 Honda Civic reliable?

Reliable 2012 Honda civic! I drive a 2012 gray Honda civic. I bought this car new off the lot. The car currently has 185,000 miles and is the most reliable car. I do drive a lot as you can see from the mileage so it is important for me to have a reliable car. I take the car in for all appointments that come up and do not have any issues ever.

What's wrong with the 2012 civic?

If you read the bashing reviews for the 2012 civic, you'll notice the gripes are mostly about the cheap interior plastic and road noise. If you compare the reviews to other competitors like the 2012 focus or elantra, they are having serious issues involving the transmission, and check engine lights coming on recent to the purchase of the vehicle.

Is the Honda Civic a good car?

Blame sits with so-so interior quality, a choppy ride and more pronounced road noise. Vague steering robs the Civic of its fun-to-drive feel. On the up side, the Civic provides decent rear-seat room and great fuel economy. There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

How long does a 2012 Honda Civic last?

A properly cared for 2012 Honda Civic will last over 250,000 miles, which is better than other compact cars. Regular annual maintenance costs are average for the class. Repair Pal estimates them to be $400 per year. The brakes require more effort to use than in other cars I have driven.

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