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Frequently Asked Questions

What is into?

We are the International National Trusts Organisation INTO brings the global National Trust family together to share knowledge and tools for the protection of cultural and natural heritage. We are the sum of our members, the heritage trusts around the world working to preserve important places.

Is “in and to” one word?

No, it isn’t. So in and to should be written as two words. Dropped in is a phrasal verb in this case, and to is part of the infinitive to say. Phrasal verbs used as prepositions in combination with to also cause problems. The sides of the shade turn into provide additional sun protection.

When does into not involve a sense of within?

The only time when into does not involve a sense of within is when some kind of change or transformation has taken place. The caterpillar changed into a butterfly and left its cocoon behind. In developing countries, ceramic filters are often used to transform dirty water into clean, drinkable water.

How do you use into in a sentence?

Examples of into in a Sentence. She came into the room. a medicine injected into the bloodstream. Please put the bowl into the sink. They were heading into town. He jumped into the pool. She was just staring into space. See More.

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