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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the latest version of Internet Explorer?

Web Browsers - Updating Your Browser to the Latest VersionGoogle Chrome. In the upper right-hand corner of Chrome, click on the Chrome menu icon and select Help, then click on About Google Chrome.Microsoft Edge. Click the Start button. Click Settings . Select "Updates & Security." Click "Windows Update". ...Internet Explorer. In the upper right-hand corner of Internet Explorer, click on the Help menu. ...

Why is Internet Explorer not working?

Try this:Open Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet options.Select the Advanced tab, and then select Reset.In the Reset Internet Explorer settings dialog box, select Reset.When Internet Explorer finishes applying the default settings, select Close > OK.Restart your PC to apply the changes.

When is Internet Explorer going away?

The aging web browser has largely been unused by most consumers for years, but Microsoft is putting the final nail in the Internet Explorer coffin on June 15th, 2022, by retiring it in favor of Microsoft Edge.

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