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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Internet Explorer keep freezing?

Another reason why Internet Explorer freezes is because some malware may be causing it to stop accessing particular websites. Mostly Internet Explorer add-ons and incompatible components are to blame when it freezes or when it fails to start. In some cases, the Internet Explorer freezes when you type in a URL or click on a link (or bookmark).

How do I Stop Internet Explorer from freezing?

Reset Internet Explorer and clear the cache if you still experience freezing. Click the "Tool" button in Internet Explorer followed by "Internet Options.". Select "Advanced" and click "Reset.". Click "Close" and then "OK.".

Why does Internet Explorer keep closing itself?

Browsers may keep closing for a range of reasons, including not being updated, having problematic extensions or add-ons or conflicts with other software installed on the device. Another cause of browser crashes is the presence of malware on the device.

Why does my internet connection keep freezing?

Common causes of Internet connection freeze. Some of these you can easily tell, while others may need specialist attention: 1. Corrupted registry. When your registry keys, settings, and classes are corrupted, you get Windows errors messages. Your PC’s registry contains all your computer settings.

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