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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Harmony Gold owned by?

Chan set up Hong Kong-based company Harmony Gold Limited in 1979, while Agrama set up Agrama Film Enterprises on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. In 1983, Agrama founded Harmony Gold USA. He later also became the Los Angeles commercial representative of another of Chan's companies, Wiltshire Trading.

What is the history of hopeharmony Gold USA?

Harmony Gold USA, Inc. is an American film and television production company. It was founded in 1983 by Egyptian -born Frank Agrama and is managed by his daughter, Jehan F. Agrama. In 1976, Agrama sold broadcast rights from Paramount Pictures to the Mediaset media conglomerate.

Where was the Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball recorded?

The Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball was recorded in Hollywood, CA in Intersound Recording Studios. Penguin Village was changed to Happy Valley in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, but was still called Penguin Village in their dub of Dr. Slump.

How much gold does Harmony produce in South Africa?

In FY17, our South African operations accounted for 91% of total gold production of 1.09Moz, with 9% coming from Papua New Guinea. At 30 June 2017, Harmony reported attributable gold equivalent mineral reserves of 36.7Moz of gold, and attributable gold mineral resources of 104.3Moz.

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