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Frequently Asked Questions

What is circletine?

"Circletine" is a viral videoby 3exclamationpoint of a family making the beverage "Circletine". The video is known for it's absurdity and is commonly parodied.

Who was gaster and what did he become?

Here's my own interpretation of who Gaster was and what he became: Gaster was a human scientist, studying the ideas of time and space. He believed that there are many universes that are connected together. He made a machine built to travle to dfferent timelines and worlds.

What happened to the soul gaster created?

Gaster took refuge within the world of the monsters. There, he felt like he was right where he wanted to be. He continued his experiments in the Underground. There, he created the CORE. However, one day, one of his experiments went missing. It was a SOUL.

How did Gaster end up in the core?

When it attempted to bring him across the timelines, for him to observe, it instead slowly took each part of him to different timelines.. Eventually, the fractures starting overloading the machine, enough for it to blow, sending Gaster backwards into the CORE.

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