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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of a good gallery wrapped canvas?

You can be sure your gallery-wrapped canvas is a work of true craftsmanship if it has the following five qualities: 1. It’s perfectly taut. One of the most important indicators of a quality gallery wrap is the tautness of the canvas. This means no creasing or billowing, but just a perfectly flat, firm canvas fabric. 2. It’s hand-stretched.

What is the difference between a gallery wrapped canvas and a traditional canvas?

The main difference between gallery wrapped and standard canvas is that standard canvases are not folded over the edge of the frame of the print as a gallery wrapped canvas would. The stretcher bars on the standard canvas will remain completely or partly exposed. That means fasteners or staples will be visible on the back of the canvas frames.

How do I design a gallery wrapped canvas?

Both standard and gallery wrap canvases can be set inside an outer decorative frame. Here are a few captivating ways you can use gallery wrapped canvases: Split canvas prints; Split and image and use multiple prints to create one striking display.

What sizes are available for gallery wrapped canvases?

Shop our huge selection of gallery-wrapped canvas sizes up to 44" x 60". Upgrade your stand .75" canvas wrap to a 1.5" gallery wrap for museum quality gallery-wrapped canvas!

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