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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes bad ear pain?

There are many things that can cause long term hearing problems, which can have a detrimental effect on everyday life. From having to repeatedly ask people to repeat themselves, to turning up the volume far too loud on your TV, hearing loss can be a pain.

When to see a doctor for ear wax?

See your doctor if you experience ear wax buildup symptoms, such as difficulty hearing, earache, a stopped-up ear, or pressure or ringing in the ear. These symptoms may be more than just the result of earwax blockage, so it’s important for your doctor to complete an exam. However, if you experience fever, severe ear pain, fluid draining from ...

What is an ear called?

What is colloquially called 'the ear' is actually a very complex organ consisting of outer Pinnae, middle Auditory Canal , and inner constructs. Sound waves enter the Pinnae and travel through the ear canal to the tympanic membrane (eardrum).

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