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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPW responsible for?

DPW is also responsible for maintenance of our parks, marina, and cemeteries. DPW also provides services such as garbage collection, yard waste collection and recycling. To support these services, DPW operates a maintenance facility at the Public Service Building and a motor pool (our Equipment Division). Some of the services we provide:

What does the Department of public works do?

Department of Public Works Our Mission is to steward Burlington’s infrastructure and environment by delivering efficient, effective, and equitable public services.

Does DPW have walk-in appointments?

DPW is currently hiring for multiple positions. View current openings and apply. Milwaukee Water Works Customer Service Center in the Zeidler Municipal Building has REOPENED to walk-in customer visits. In keeping with the City's current policy, masks/face coverings are required while in the building.

What is DPW doing to promote racial equity and inclusion?

The Department of Public Works is fully committed to the initiative put forth by Mayor Tom Barrett in Advancing and Achieving Racial Equity and Inclusion. DPW aims to demonstrate and foster a culture of inclusion, equity and social justice for our employees.

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