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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2022 Pinocchio remake the worst Disney Plus Movie?

The 2022 Pinocchio remake may not be the worst Disney Plus film, but this could be the worst live action Disney remake to date. There are Pinocchio movies out there that do try to find a way to tell the story of the character well. But this is more of a recycled film from the original 1940 one.

Is Pinocchio on Disney plus?

Pinocchio isn’t the first Disney remake to be shunted straight to Disney Plus. ( Mulan debuted on the service’s premium tier.) Nor is it the first Robert Zemeckis film to skip theaters for streaming. (Coincidentally, his The Witches remake for HBO Max is the only other serious contender against Pinocchio for his worst film.)

Is Pinocchio live-action?

Despite being live-action, Pinocchio features a lot of animated characters. They’re uncanny and visually unpleasant with none of them looking like they’re actually in the live-action settingm, and these animations have some of the worst voice acting the Disney remakes have to offer.

Is Pinocchio a dream come true?

“Pinocchio” surely has its moments. But beyond answering the streaming giant’s wish for another marquee attraction carved from a beloved property, any praise comes with a few strings attached, depriving it of the consistent sense of wonder that would qualify as a dream come true.

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