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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Habits (Stay High) lyrics?

Habits (Stay High) Lyrics. [Intro] Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh. [Verse 1] I eat my dinner in my bathtub, then I go to sex clubs. Watchin' freaky people gettin' it on. It doesn't make me nervous if anything, I'm restless. Yeah, I've been around and I've seen it all. I get home, I got the munchies, binge on all my Twinkies.

What is the theme of Stay High by Juice Wrld?

On “Stay High,” Juice WRLD details his substance addiction as he balances his low points in life by outweighing them by getting high. Dropping his usual references to weapons, drugs, and expensive items, he continues the theme of Legends Never Die. How did this track perform on the charts?

What is the meaning of “bits (stay high)”?

About “Habits (Stay High)”. The narrator of “Habits (Stay High)” describes engaging in some unhealthy behavior as a means to cope with the pain of a break-up.

How much is Stay High on the Billboard charts?

“Stay High” debuted at #34 on the Billboard charts during the chart week of July 25th, 2020. +6 Is there an official lyric video for this track?

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