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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about Berlin Airlift?

Berlin Airlift Facts - 6: Matters came to a final head when the western zones in Berlin joined together and introduced a new deutschmark to replace the former German currency and caused economic chaos in the Russian zone. Berlin Airlift Facts - 7: Berlin was a dangerous flash point during the Cold War.

What were the causes and effects of the Berlin Airlift?

The Berlin Airlift came as a direct counter effect of the Berlin Blockade. The blockade was caused by the Soviet in an attempt to gain control over the entire city of Berlin. They wanted to force the Western Allies to submit to their authority by becoming the main supplier of food and fuel to the city of Berlin.More...

Why is the Berlin Airlift a Cold War's symbol?

The Berlin airlift was considered a symbol of the cold war because the Berlin airlift represented the division between the soviet union and its allies amongst the communist nations and the united states and the capitalist - democratic west.

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