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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable the address bar at the bottom of the browser?

To enable the Address bar at the bottom, Open the browser > Settings > Appearance > Enable Bottom Toolbar. Let’s hope more browsers follow suit and move the address bar to a more accessible location.

Why does the bottom part of the address bar go out?

So, when the address bar is displayed and you use 100vh height the bottom part will go out of the screen. Many developers do not agree to that decision and consider viewport units to be dynamic and exactly equal to the visible "view port". The Google Chrome team decided to be compatible with the Apple browser and stick to the same decision.

Can I change the toolbar view on edge for anrdroid 10?

I understand that you are looking to change the toolbar view on Edge for your phone, this might be on previous release/version and I have checked my phone that is running on Anrdroid 10 but I am also not seeing an option to change the view of the toolbar (and even on Edge for iOS there is no option for this one as well).

How do I Close a Microsoft Edge browser on iOS?

Use the swipe gesture to close your browser. This method may differ depending on how you’ve personalized your iOS device’s navigation. Troubleshooting Why is Microsoft Edge draining my battery? In our latest release, we’ve improved performance and battery optimization.

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