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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of all?

Definition of all. 2 allo- : isomeric form or variety of (a specified chemical compound) allopurinol 3 allo- : being one of a group whose members together constitute a structural unit especially of a language allophone.

What is the difference between all and not?

Not: All people want to achieve … When all refers to a personal pronoun which is the object in a clause, we can use pronoun + all or all of + pronoun. The pronoun is in the object form: I used to have three pens but I’ve lost them all. (or … but I’ve lost all of them ). Not: … but I lost all them. How many of these boxes are you going to need?

What is the opposite of all?

All: to a full extent or degree. Synonyms: all of, all over, altogether… Antonyms: half, halfway, incompletely… Find the right word.

What is all in hand?

all in hand, Printing, Journalism. (of the copy for typesetting a particular article, book, issue, etc.) in the possession of the compositor. all in the wind, Nautical. too close to the wind. all out, with all available means or effort: We went all out to win the war.

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