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Frequently Asked Questions

What does accord mean in English?

pact, treaty, agreement, settlement, deal, entente, concordat, concord, protocol, compact, contract, convention. View synonyms. 1.1. Agreement or harmony. ‘the government and the rebels are in accord on one point’. More example sentences. ‘function and form in harmonious accord’.

How to use the word accord?

” (Do you agree to come with us?), the question is very precise, so just say: “Je suis d’accord ” (I agree) or “D’accord ” (Agreed / Alright). 3) A politician is making a law suggestion on TV and you approve it, you can say: “Je suis d’accord avec cette proposition ” (I agree with this suggestion / I approve this suggestion)

What does accord mean in US history?

History Established in 1970 as a non-profit organization, ACORD was formed by insurance carriers and agents focused on building efficiencies in the United States property casualty insurance market. Originally named Agent Company Operations Research and Development (ACORD), the organization's initial goal was to standardize the many proprietary forms being used by carriers for new business and claims submission. [2]

What is the definition of accord?

n. 1. Agreement; harmony: act in accord with university policies. 2. A settlement or compromise between conflicting parties: The strikers and the owners reached an accord. 3. Spontaneous or voluntary desire to take a certain action: The children returned on their own accord.

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