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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 3DP Net automatically offer the newest version of the driver?

Unlike other driver-dedicated tools, 3DP Net does not automatically offer you the newest version of the driver, it chooses the most suitable one instead, depending on the operating system your computer is running.

What is 3DP net?

Introduction : 3DP Net detects ethernet card automatically. And provides the newest or the most suitable driver. It supports off-line installation. Simply 3DP Net is intergrated driver installer.

Should I run 3DP net or 3DP chip first?

We recommend you to run 3DP Net first after reinstalling Windows to detect network adapter and install driver, then once you get hold of internet connection, run 3DP Chip for other component drivers.

What happens if 3DP net does not detect any issues?

If 3DP Net does not detect any issues with your Internet connection, it will prompt you with a message box informing you that you do not actually need to run the tool, so you can just carry on browsing the web.

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