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Frequently Asked Questions

What is yeetus deletus?

Yeetus Deletus is a phrase of a combination of ‘ yeet ’ and ‘delete’. It is a spell that can be used to delete someone’s “yeet” immediately. People also use it when a person is annoying them and just want to be left alone. It is more of a superior expression than just a regular “yeet”.

What does yeetus the fetus mean?

Slang What does Yeetus The Fetus mean? Yeetus The Fetus is an expression inspired by the famous slang term “ yeet ”, which means “to throw”. The phrase refers to an abortion, and usually can be seen with the famous meme illustration of a black woman “yeeting” her newborn “feetus”.

What does fetus deletus mean?

“Fetus deletus”, in its simplest form, is a cutesy phrase to refer to an abortion, or something that is done to get rid of a fetus. It is most commonly seen in memes were a woman tells a man that she is pregnant, and he responds with “fetus deletus” because he realizes he has made a mistake and he does not want to have a baby.

What is the difference between abortion and fetal deletus?

fetus deletus. An alternative name for abortion. However, the procedure is slightly different. Whereas an abortion is performed professionally by doctors, fetus deletus refers to a quick and hard blow to the fetus from an outside force. It may be voluntary, self-inflicted, or involuntary.

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