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Frequently Asked Questions

What is xfce4-terminal?

xfce4-terminal [OPTION...] xfce4-terminal is what is known as an X terminal emulator, often referred to as terminal or shell. It provides an equivalent to the old-fashioned text screen on your desktop, but one which can easily share the screen with other graphical applications.

How to run Xfce from Xubuntu terminal?

By default the command it run is something like this : Put the real path to terminal (/usr/bin/terminal or /usr/local/bin/terminal or ...) instead. Or try to run it from the xfrun (Alt-F2) : terminal Xfce is NOT Xubuntu. Bugs in Xubuntu don't mean that Xfce is buggy ...

How do I change the default X display in Xfce4?

Open the xfce4-terminal preferences window. Default X display to use. Set directory as the default working directory for the terminal Open a new tab in the last specified window. More than one of these options can be provided, each opening an additional tab. Open a new window containing one tab. More than one of these options can be provided.

How to open multiple tabs in xfce4-terminal?

Open multiple new tabs, executing a command in each: xfce4-terminal --tab --command "command_a" --tab --command "command_b" xfce4-terminal [OPTION...]

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