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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GNOME 3 better than Xfce in any way?

Gnome 3 is a more "modern"/unconventional DE. It looks great, but is a little heavier on resources than Xfce (not as much as you might imagine). Gnome 3 is more Beginner-friendly, because everything is organized into one big app-menu box thing.

Which is better, LXDE or Xfce?

Which is better LXDE or Xfce? Xfce offers a higher number of features than LXDE due to the latter being a much younger project. LXDE started in 2006 while Xfce has been around since 1998. Xfce has a significantly larger storage footprint than LXDE. In most of it’s distributions, Xfce demands a more powerful machine to be able to run comfortably.

How to determine Xfce version?

in terminal, type xfce4-about, will show the major version. xfce are made of many packages, which may be at different version and sub-version. each xfce command likely have a --version option. For example: to list all commands starting with xfce, type that and press Tab.

Is GNOME faster than KDE?

Kde is faster smoother and more stable than ever. Gnome 3 is less stable and more resource hungry than it used to be. The plasma desktop is missing some customizations from before but they are slowly coming back. I'm biased but KDE is better. If you would like a desktop environment that is the way gnome used to be, xfce4 is for you. 12.5K views

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