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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Xfce desktop theme?

CopperDeck CopperDeck is a heavily customized appearance for the Xfce desktop environment. It has an orange accent on its dark background. The default application icons and folder icons are heavily customized to blend with this theme. The folder icons are metallic textured.

What is Bazik Xfce theme?

We’ll kick off the list with BaZik, XFCE theme based on Google’s Material Design. Material Design is a design system with a strong focus on motion and usability.

Why is the Xfce theme Orange?

Later it was ported for Linux distributions. This theme is all black, but its orange accent helps it to bring a bold and elegant look into it. You can easily customize the toggle buttons and other aspects by using the Xfce theme manager.

How to adjust the title bar of Xfce theme?

The title bar of the theme is blended with the main background because it has a borderless material design. The title bar buttons are rounded and flat. The button arrangements, window title alignment, and title bar font style can be adjusted using the Xfce theme manager.

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