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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xfce have desktop widgets?

Does Xfce have desktop widgets? Xfce began as some desktop widgets written with the XForms framework, even before GNOME existed. It was based conceptually upon the CDE desktop, which was the ubiquitous desktop at the time. Neither CDE nor XForms were open source, but Xfce was distributed freely. ...

Which is better, LXDE or Xfce?

Which is better LXDE or Xfce? Xfce offers a higher number of features than LXDE due to the latter being a much younger project. LXDE started in 2006 while Xfce has been around since 1998. Xfce has a significantly larger storage footprint than LXDE. In most of it’s distributions, Xfce demands a more powerful machine to be able to run comfortably.

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