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Frequently Asked Questions

Does music really help you study?

The music is distracting you from what you are studying. If your question means studying undistracted by music, but occasionally stopping your studying and relaxing by playing music for a short time; then I would say, yes. You naturally need occasional breaks while studying and music is a good way to relax.

Does music help you focus better on work?

There are two possible ways that music might be beneficial in the workplace: by making us smarter, or by making us feel good, and therefore helping us to plod on with otherwise boring tasks. The best-known example of the first is the “Mozart effect” – broadly the idea that listening to a piano sonata devised by a genius can make you one too.

What is music for studying?

This broad category of music is popular on many college and university campuses. From slow ambient music with long drones to fast electronic dance music (EDM) with quick beats, many songs in this varied genre can be used as good music for studying.

What is the best music to work to?

Research suggests that pop music is fine for studying or work with reading or writing components, as long as you stay away from music with lyrics. With that in mind, here are 11 engaging, energetic, and nearly-wordless tracks to help carry you back to the shores of mature adult life.

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