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Frequently Asked Questions

What is murder drones?

Murder Drones is an Australian computer-animated science fiction horror comedy web series created by American animator and show-runner Liam Vickers, produced by Glitch Productions and funded by Screen Australia for GLITCH.

Who is serial designation N in murder drones?

Serial Designation N, or simply N, is the deuteragonist in Murder Drones. N is a Disassembly Drone who is being looked down by his co-workers for being useless, N later befriends with Uzi Doorman and joins her in her plans, which includes eliminating the human race.

Who is Uzi in murder drones?

Uzi, a sardonic teen helper robot gone rogue befriends N, an excitable optimistic Murder Drone sent to destroy her, creating what we can assume is a very bad relationship for mankind. Written, directed and produced by Liam Vickers (creator of Cliffside), Murder Drones is emblematic of Glitch Productions' dark, but comedic storytelling.

Who are the disassembly drones?

Disassembly Drones, commonly known by their prey as Murder Drones, are the titular main antagonistic faction of the series. They are bloodthirsty robots sent by JCJenson (IN SP AAAAA CEE!!!!) to destroy the Worker Drones of Copper 9 due to the company not wanting there to be "runaway A.I." that they can't control.

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