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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lake Maracaibo?

Lake Maracaibo is a vast lake in the Maracaibo basin in the northwest of Venezuela. It is one of the largest natural lakes in South America—and one of the oldest bodies of water in the world! Many rivers flow into Lake Maracaibo including the Catatumbo River. The northern part of the lake has brackish water, while the southern part is freshwater.

What is the coordinates of Maracaibo?

Maracaibo Coordinates: 10°38′N71°38′W / 10.633°N 71.633°W / 10.633; -71.633Coordinates: 10°38′N71°38′W / 10.633°N 71.633°W / 10. Country  Venezuela State  Zulia Founded (1) 8 September 1529, (2) 1569, (3) 1574 Founded by Ambrosio Alfínger(1529), Captain Alonso Pacheco(1569), Captain Pedro Maldonado (1574) Government  • Type Mayor–council

How many people live in Maracaibo?

The city is linked by highway to each of the major urban centres of northern Venezuela; a bridge 5 miles (8 km) long spans the channel 3 miles (5 km) south of Maracaibo. Pop. (2001) 1,571,885; (2011) 1,898,770.

How did Maracaibo affect Venezuela?

Although Maracaibo changed hands several times during Venezuela’s struggle for independence from Spain—patriots won a decisive naval battle on Lake Maracaibo on July 24, 1823—the area was generally less involved in the wars than were eastern and central Venezuela. Where on Earth is That?

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