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Frequently Asked Questions

What does yeetus to the fetus mean?

Yeetus to the Fetus, may be used to "roast", "burn" another person. It can also be used to define a feeling of frustration, but is usually used out of context. Person 1: "Yeetus to the Fetus!" Person 2: "Bro, what?" This example shows someone using the phrase out of context, as in not for an actual meaning.

How do you Yeet a fetus?

Get the Yeetus to the Fetus mug. To yeet a fetus also known as getting an abortion or if the fetus is already been done did you YEET it. Get the yeetus to that fetus mug.

How do you say goodbye to a fetus?

Get the YEETUS THAT FUCKING FETUS mug. Yeetus to the fetus and throw the child. Basically saying goodbye to this child and chucking it. Mother: Babe, the child won't stop crying !

Is Your Baby a fetus?

However, your baby's body is about to catch up. Your baby is now officially described as a fetus. This week your baby's face is broad, the eyes widely separated, the eyelids fused and the ears low set. Buds for future teeth appear. Red blood cells are beginning to form in your baby's liver.

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